Monday, December 9, 2013

19th Batch

Once again bringing you the best shawls in town!

These babies are a great combination of fiery orange and everyone's favorite design, paisley. Bold and even harder to resist when they are paired with black and gold busy print. Absolutely gorgeous.
Made from non silky material and with two curve edges like in the second picture.
All come in 1.5x0.56cm long.
Merra is wearing 19-01, Faatin is wearing 19-02 and Mizah is wearing 19-03

RM 25

RM 35

RM 25

Go earthy with these greenish brown tone. Once again, we bring you paisley also in a luxurious mixture of gold patches. They are also paired with orange, green and brown stripey design.
Made from non silky material and with two curve edges.
All come in 1.5x0.56cm long.

Merra is wearing 19-05, Mizah is wearing 19-06, Faatin is wearing 19-04

RM 25

RM 35

RM 25

Chiffon lovers these are your treasures. Digging this navy blue with pastels leaves design and also we bring the same one from the previous 18th Batch (18-04) but in turquoise green color.
Made from non silky chiffon and with two curve edges like in the second picture.
All come in 1.5x0.64cm

Mizah is wearing 19-07

RM 25

Faatin is wearing 19-08

RM 25

Mizah is wearing 19-09

RM 30

*Free postage for purchase of TWO shawls or more (for WEST MALAYSIA ONLY).
Additional RM5 postage charge for purchase of one shawl or East Malaysia 

Monday, November 4, 2013

18th Batch

I know it has been very quiet but it's never over! Everything has taken me back to the reason why I first started Flashyheadpiece which is my love for hijab especially shawls! And so as I have said it over time that "I only offer things that I would personally wear" which is also remains very true! I love every piece that I have here or else I wouldn't have bought it but sadly I can't keep it all (after all I only have one head for it :p) thus I'm sharing it with Flashyheadpiece :)

Late to announce that we are also on Instagram (flashyheadpiece) where you will get faster update on what's coming up and latest promotion. Be sure to follow us! :)

First stop we have these great fusion of pink, purple, black, white and blue, turquoise, black and white. Made from chiffon and with two curve edges.
All come in 1.6x0.54m long.
Based on bottom picture: Faatin is wearing 18-01 (RM30 SOLD OUT), Merra is wearing 18-02 (RM35 SOLD OUT), Mizah is wearing 18-03 (RM35 SOLD OUT)

Merra is wearing 18-04 (RM30 SOLD OUT)

Based on bottom picture: Faatin is wearing 18-05 (RM30 sold out), Mizah is wearing 18-06 (RM35 sold out), Merra is wearing 18-07 (RM35 sold out)

Based on bottom picture: Mizah is wearing 18-08 (RM30 sold out), Merra is wearing 18-09 (RM35 SOLD OUT), Faatin is wearing 18-10 (RM35 sold out)

Apple green and lavender for this one.
Made from creased satin with two curve edges.
All come in 1.5x0.58m long
Based on bottom picture: Mizah is wearing 18-11 (RM30 SOLD OUT), Faatin is wearing 18-12 (RM35 SOLD OUT), Merra is wearing 18-13 (RM35 SOLD OUT)

Blue black shawl with pretty border.
Made from creased chiffon with two curve edges.
1.6x0.58m long
Based on bottom picture: Mizah is wearing 18-14 (RM30 last piece available ), Merra is wearing 18-15 (RM35 SOLD OUT), Faatin is wearing 18-16 (RM35 SOLD OUT)

Next is The Minimalist that I didn't update here on the blog before.
Soft textured chiffon (very light and soft and no ironing needed) with a very humble glittery chevron border (one sided border) and a curvy corner. All come in 1.7x0.55m long.
All priced at RM35.
To order just insert the code (eg: Minimal Navy) in the order form.

Code: Minimal Navy

Code: Minimal Electric Blue

Code: Minimal Teal

Code: Minimal Brown

Code: Minimal Purple

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

17th Batch

Greetings dearies!

We would stay transfixed in our interlude but who can sit still when they are giggling because they breed delightful goodies? Yes! We are having a sweet comeback!

Presenting the exclusive in-house custom made Duo Tone Chiffon Shawl
You can mix and match your personal preference in colors combination and we will turn it into a gorgeous shawl for you!

Know your color?
Please browse our brilliant color palette below for more fun colors.

Can't decide the colors?
Select from our amazeballs ready stock collection (as in pictures below).

Can't find your color?
ASK! Request colors of your wish and we will try to cater for your requests.

And send your orders/requests to or through the Order Form.

All Duo Tone Chiffon Shawl come in the length of 2.0x0.5m (approx.). The extra length will enable more styling and help to cover your chest :). Made from very comfy chiffon that is not too delicate nor stiff and easy to wear. Retails at RM49 and comes with free poslaju postage.
Grab yours now!

From above left: midnight blue, baby blue, tiffany blue, turquoise green, persian green, deep green Middle: baby pink, dusty pink, coral, burgundy, mulberry, pearly purple, red-violet
Below: grey, dark brown, mustard yellow

Order Form

Order Form