Thursday, December 2, 2010

International Postage =)

So, I've been wondering what would it feels like to be powerless and helpless by only seeing something but not to get a hold on it because of distance barrier, opportunity block or lets just say technical hurdle...

Needless to say that those excuses are downright frustrating or simply said, it sucks! hehe.

And what do we do to lick it off?
We get international postage !

The rough idea is to let you, yes YOU !
to determine & adjudicate your own needs and willingness. *well, it's your money after all ;D

Here is the link to Pos Malaysia's webbie
Just key in 0.15kg (the average weight for one shawl)
and select your location.
From what I've tested so far on the form, postage to US seems to be the most reasonable and somehow cheap compared to other countries.
Well.. It's up to you to decide whether it is worth it, in your currency ;D
But whatever currency you are using, remember that I'm still using Ringgit :DDD

Thank you angels ! XX

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